Monsoon and Pandemic: How can you take care of your health during this time?

Monsoon is such a beautiful season that leaves nature greener than ever and makes a pleasant time for all of us to enjoy.

While some of us crave eating chai and pakoda during this time, some are quick to catch a cold, fever, and other infections.

If something like this happened before the pandemic, we would generally not give much attention to it, but now the time has changed.

Today, in this blog, we break it done for you the essential care and action you should take during this time and stay safe from coronavirus.

The symptom that you catch due to monsoon generally is like sneezing, running nose, wet/dry cold, and sometimes fever.

These symptoms need careful attention. If you don’t see any change in your health condition within 3 to 4 days, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

If during the time, you are facing heavy breathing problems or shortness of breath, then you should consult the doctor immediately.

Some tips and care for you:

  • Avoid touching your nose and mouth. As they can spread the virus easily.
  • Covering your mouth with a mask.
  • Avoid traveling to places during monsoon/ Leave the house only when it’s urgent.
  • If you have to go somewhere, make sure you are following social distancing.
  • Have a good and healthy diet. Eat the right amount of vitamins that give your body antioxidants. They will help to improve your immunity.
  • Wash your hand frequently for 20 minutes or use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Coronavirus has brought a new way of living. As the medical professionals put their best efforts into treating the COVID patient, you can do your bit by following these tips and taking care of your health.

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