Department Of Physiotherapy

  • Physiotherapy is a modern medical professional course that enriches the physiotherapist to assess, diagnose, and treat musculoskeletal pain, paralysis, and lifestyle disorder. Physical therapists are movement experts in treating pain and DYSFUNCTION. The physical therapist helps to prevent treat and rehabilitate the pain and DYSFUNCTION from childhood to the later ages of life. They use exercise, manual therapy and rehabilitation approaches, physical & electrical modalities as treatment methods. Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when someone is affected by injury, illness, or by developmental or other disability.
  • This center provides state of art physiotherapy and rehabilitation services with the most advanced physiotherapy and rehabilitation concept and advanced exercise and electrical modalities. Spectrum physiotherapy center has a highly qualified, dedicated, and experienced team of physiotherapists in different specializations in physiotherapy.
  • Neuro physiotherapy: Rehabilitation of Paralysis and weakness balance and coordination.
  • Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy: Physiotherapy for Post cardiac surgery, Physiotherapy for Post respiratory and conservative cardiac/respiratory physiotherapy.
  • Postoperative physiotherapy: Postoperative physiotherapy for general medical and surgical conditions.
  • Sports injury physiotherapy: Sports injury rehabilitation, training for injury prevention, and sports injury management.
  • Pregnancy exercise program: During Pregnancy, post-pregnancy physiotherapy.
  • Geriatric physiotherapy program: General fitness and fall prevention in old age.
  • Joint replacement rehabilitation: Knee, Hip, shoulder rehabilitation after the joint replacement surgery.
  • Inpatient rehabilitation for paralysis: Admitting the paralytic patient for holistic rehabilitation.
  • Physiotherapy at your doorstep: Homecare/community physiotherapy.
  • Ergonomic training: Ergonomic classes/work station evaluation at your workstation.
  • Sports on-field injury management: First aid and sports physiotherapy in the ground.

Integrated neuromuscular inhibition technique:

  • Myofascial release technique
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Muscle energy technique
  • Positional release technique
  • Neurological approaches

Musculoskeletal Manual Therapy Approaches:

  • Maitland concept
  • Mulligan concept
  • McKenzie concept
  • Neural Mobilization concept
  • Myofascial physiotherapy approaches

Advanced physiotherapy approaches:

  • Kinesio taping
  • Rigid tapping
  • Dry needling technique
  • Advanced Core stabilization
  • Exercise prescription for lifestyle disorders
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation for neurological problems
  • Advanced physiotherapy modalities

Advanced Electro modalities:

  • Laser
  • Cryo/cuff cryotherapy unit
  • IFT UST Combination therapy unit
Physiotherapist BIMS Hospital Bhavnagar

Top Physiotherapists Bhavnagar

Dr. Jay Bhatt
Bachelor of physiotherapy

Consultant physiotherapist