Glimpse of BIMSSURGEON – 2022

Successfully completed the Live Surgery workshop BIMSSURGEON -2022 on Theme of Minimal access surgery, Laparoscopic GI surgery and Bariatric surgery with Association of BIMS MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL BHAVNAGAR & Bhavnagar Surgeon’s Association.

This is the first kind of Live surgery workshop in entire Bhavnagar District, where we operate 10 different Kinds of Laparoscopic surgery in single day like different kind of Inguinal Hernias, Achlasia cardia, Sliding Hiatus hernia, Different kind of Laparoscopic Gallbladder surgeries, Revision Bariatric surgery MGB to RYGB, Spighelian Hernia, and para umbilical hernia, Laparoscopic pyeloplasty for PUJ OBSTRUCTION.

Live surgery workshop attended by more than 50 surgeons from Different cities of Gujarat, surgery Resident doctors.

Eminent Surgeons from Gujarat like Dr. Rajan Jagad, Dr Kartik sutariya, Dr. Firdos, Dr. Arvind Valia and Director and Head of Department of GI and Bariatric surgery of BIMS Hospital Dr Vijayraj Gohil performed live demonstration of surgery and spreading knowledge, training and advantage of Laparoscopic surgery to Surgeon freternity and New upcoming surgeons ( Resident doctor surgeons).

On Behalf of the Organising Secretory I thankful to All mighty God and my patients who put trust on us.

Then I heartily thankful to My teachers and mentors, My Surgeon colleagues from Bhavnagar surgeon association and surgeons from different cities of Gujarat, Operating faculties, my Anesthetist team Dr. Fremiot, Dr Aneri & Dr. Sanjita, Dr. Ajju Lakhani – Workshop coordinator, My Operation theater team, CSSD department, OT pharmacy, Maitanance team, entire Marketing team, Medical officers & Nursing staff, Spectus camera system, Alan energy Division, Audiovisual team, Medtronics Covidian Without them this workshop will not be successful…


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